How Fortnite has managed to stay relevant for this long

It is quite impressive that Fortnite has managed to retain its popularity despite being one of the earliest titles of its kind. Even when the entire genre of Battle Royale titles had almost saturated, Fortnite marched on strong. Currently, there are pretty few games that can boast the same popularity as Fortnite.

Epic Games has always seen to it that Fortnite stays at the top of the community’s mind. It successfully did so through collaborations and crossover events, the game’s overall marketing strategy and by occasionally listening to what the community wants.

Over the past few seasons, players have noticed Fortnite’s trend of roping iconic characters into the game through collaborations. Even excluding Rick “Buuuurp” Sanchez, the community remembers the Fortnite x DC Comics run as well. This is quite effective as a strategy, as it brings many fandoms under the umbrella of Fortnite.

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How Fortnite has avoided the grave time and again

How many times has the community raised its voice claiming Fortnite is dead? True, the competitive aspect of the game is not exactly where players would like it to be, but things are getting better on that front. As a brand, Fortnite will be far from dead, presumably even in the near future. While the world suffered at the hands of the pandemic situation, Fortnite introduced Party Royale, which tried its best to recreate the feeling of enjoying concerts and events with friends.

Speaking of concerts, Fortnite has lent its stage to a wide roster of iconic artists like Marshmello and Travis Scott.

Players have seen figures like Marshmello and Travis Scott perform on Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Players have seen figures like Marshmello and Travis Scott perform on Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

On the marketing front, Fortnite has always taken things to a whole new level. How many video games has the community seen that have had their promos displayed in Times Square?

Recently, a couple of fans have noticed the artist Killabunzz making a mural that possibly hints at an upcoming event/collab in Fortnite. Talk about unconventional promotions.

While players are left to wonder what will happen on the 14th, it really goes on to show how far the marketing for video games has come.

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