SIIM wins the marketing contract for Malagasy lychee exports

Omer-Decugis &Cie, an international group specialized in fresh and exotic fruit and vegetables, has announced that its SIIM branch will organize the export of Malagasy lychees, starting in the autumn, after approval by the Group of Lychee Exporters (GEL).

By winning this market, the group strengthens its position as the leader in exotic fruit in Europe and integrates a strategic sector in the economic and social development of the country, 3rd producer in the world and 1er exporter to Europe. On Madagascar, the export of this exotic fruit directly or indirectly provides a living for nearly 300,000 people (producers, transporters, agents in packing stations).

Star on the shelves during the end-of-the-year festivities, the lychee from Madagascar enjoys a short campaign in Europe, with the marketing of over 16,000 tons of fruit from early December until the end of January, half of which is distributed by the Omer Decugis &Cie Group.

It is estimated that the upcoming 2021/2022 campaign will generate more than 15 million euros [17.80 million USD] in revenue for nearly 8,000 tons of lychees, and is fully in line with the 2021/2025 growth plan of the Omer-Decugis &Cie Group.

“We are very proud to have gained the trust of the Malagasy exporters to distribute their local lychees for the 2021/2022 campaign already, which will be organized at the international level by the Group of Lychee Exporters (GEL) under the supervision of the Malagasy Ministry of Trade. Certified Global GAP, Grasp and with an offer certified Fairtrade by Flocert, the Malagasy lychee sector has developed on production protocols integrating the three essential pillars of sustainable agriculture (health safety, respect of the environment, socially responsible working conditions), to serve the taste quality of this uniquely tasty and refined fruit. Given our mutual expertise and synergies in the management of a seasonal campaign, especially when it comes to organizing efficient logistics chains, we had every reason to include the lychee in our range of exotic products. Besides ensuring the successful marketing of lychees in France and Europe for the end-of-the-year festivities, our action will be part of a long-term partnership to support the sustainable development of the Malagasy lychee,” explains Vincent Omer-Decugis, chairman and CEO of Omer-Decugis &Cie.

Historically established in Africa since its creation in 1978, the Group is a leading exporter and the European leader in West African mangoes. Omer-Decugis &Cie intends to use all its expertise and commercial, logistical, operational and technical capacities in order to offer to its clients, and European consumers, lychees of exceptional quality for the end-of-the-year festivities.

The goal is also to commit locally and mobilize the Group’s Corporate Foundation (Fondation Louis Omer-Decugis) by supporting development projects of the communities of the lychee sector regarding health or education, as it is the case in most areas where the Group operates (Africa, Latin America).

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