The Multi-Billion Dollar Direct Sales Industry Meets Digital Marketing and Automation in 2021 With Ness Alazne

The direct sales industry, which grossed $35.4 billion in 2018, also known as network marketing, was established in 1886. The first direct sales company was The California Perfume Company which is now known as Avon. Over the years, many more networking marketing companies have started and prospered, while many have also failed. 

The method of selling via networking marketing or direct selling started via door-to-door sales and home parties. Although the door-to-door and home party options were proven to be prosperous, times have changed, and those in this industry need to implement and embrace online digital strategies.  “There are about 6.2 million Americans actively involved in “direct selling,” and they need more solutions that can make them more profitable.

Ness Alazne, an experienced network marketer, believes that today’s network marketers need modern digital solutions.  Ness quoted the Direct Selling Association’s statistics that states that there are 6.2 million Americans currently participating in Network Marketing.  With the help of digital marketing, Ness not only managed to survive the global pandemic but was awarded the best performer (Top 200 in the World) in 2020. 

Unfortunately, many people who join these business opportunities drop out quickly because they cannot turn a profit.

“I received these awards due to my huge growth after implementing various digital marketing strategies, especially focusing on automation.” – says Ness.

Using critical marketing tactics like funnels, sequencing, and emailing marketing to increase the overall business is Ness’s forte. After realizing the importance of digital marketing in the network marketing industry, Ness decided to create Digicurator

Digicurator is a one-stop-shop digital agency that focuses on helping those in the network marketing space level up their business with various digital marketing strategies. The services provided on their website, , include services such as graphic design, video creation, as well as automated sales funnels. 

According to Investopedia, the Network marketing business model depends on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home. Today, the need for digital marketing comes into the business to maximize the net closing sales and reach a broader audience. “Taking your business online with the help of digital marketing helps you expand your reach and precisely target the appropriate audience,” says Ness.

With over fifteen years in information technology and over five years in network marketing, Ness is determined to bridge the two worlds together to integrate digital marketing and automation for those in the network marketing industry to help them exceed their goals.She will continue to do that as she inspires and helps others in this industry.

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