Juicy Chemistry secures strategic marketing partnership as it gears up to expand its global footprint

Juicy Chemistry is a direct-to-consumer (DTC) personal care brand founded in 2014 by husband-wife duo, Megha and Pritesh Asher.

The brand was recently funded in March, raising U$6.3m in funding led by Belgium-based investment firm Verlinvest.

It announced on June 16 that Spring Marketing Capital has made this strategic investment via its Skin in the Game Fund, which is anchored by Verlinvest.

The aim of this partnership is to help build the Juicy Chemistry brand with a unique narrative, a clear tone of voice and a strong, distinctive visual identity.

“We are going to be taking Spring Marketing’s expertise in to use for brand building exercise as far as Juicy Chemistry is concerned. This is not a fundraiser for capital requirements for Juicy Chemistry; this is from a strategic angle where Spring Marketing Capital will lend their marketing expertise to Juicy Chemistry’s growth story,”​ said co-founder Pritesh Asher.

Asher added that the company is eager to tap into Spring Marketing Capital’s experience in brand building for DTC brands.

“The entire team comes with 30 plus years of experience, having worked with Sequoia, heading marketing for all Sequoia backed brands previously. It comes with a slew of DTC experience that has built brands from all these nascent stages where Juicy Chemistry is right now.”

He elaborated that this strategic partnership would help the brand in all aspects of marketing, including social media communications, voice, tonality, colours, website, UX, UI and customer journey mapping experience.

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