M&C Saatchi AUNZ Announces New Marketing Sciences Practice, Precision

M&C Saatchi AUNZ has announced the launch of Precision, a new marketing sciences practice that will sit at the heart of the group’s operating model. The launch of the entity is a continuation of the Groups long-term growth strategy and aims to accelerate the union of creativity and quantification.

The announcement comes several weeks after James Collier’s elevation to Chief Data Officer, M&C Saatchi Group AUNZ. Collier has been leading the design and internal development of Precision and will spearhead its rollout and growth.

“Today marks the end of months of planning and the start of many exciting conversations. Precision has been built on a belief that marketing has changed and with it the expectations placed on the marketing function,” said Collier.

“Marketing is now an alchemy of art and science, a blend of fearless creativity with clear quantification. Precision will help M&C Saatchi Group clients better predict, model and measure the impact of creativity on the customer and the brand’s bottom line.”

In addition to working with clients, Precision will aim to support a group-wide learning & development program designed to increase data fluency and give all M&C Saatchi employees valuable and future facing data skills.

“We believe ‘science’ is a creative pursuit. What I mean by that is science is an attempt to see the world in a new way and communicate that truth. For me, art & science, or creativity & quantification are better together. The point of union, the coming together of these two perspectives is where innovation and brilliance happens,” Collier added.

Precision will also be rolling out a group wide data layer, giving every group agency on demand access to a broad syndicate of data and research to help inform and inspire thinking.

“This is the next chapter in the rapid acceleration of data and technology capabilities across the M&C Saatchi Group. Importantly, Precision sits at the centre of our business to drive data proficiency for everyone in the Group. It is as much about education and access to tools as it is about helpful products for our clients. With his ability to drop the jargon and partner with our word-class creative capability, James is the right guy to lead us forward” says Justin Graham, Group CEO at M&C Saatchi Group AUNZ.

In his new role as Chief Data Officer, Collier will lead the group’s marketing sciences practice.

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