Tibbits Summer Theatre moves inside opera house

Tibbits Summer Theatre will continue the rest of its season inside the historic Tibbits Opera House.

According to Tibbits Executive Director Christine Delaney, “Back in March, we decided to stay at The Ponds because of continuing restrictions and a spike in Covid cases. The excessive rain last week forced us to move back to the theatre for the safety of the company members, audience and equipment. We made the move in miraculous fashion with full support of the company and staff. We have followed the CDC guidelines throughout the pandemic. Those guidelines now allow us to open inside at full capacity. Rather than again make that huge transition, we will stay at the theatre.”  

Delaney continued, “We are grateful to The Ponds and the Lindsley Family. Their support allowed us to carry on through the unprecedented challenges last summer and assured we would be able to continue through the uncertainty going into this summer.”

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