Uh, Pretty Sure Machine Gun Kelly Just Called His and Megan Fox’s New Movie “Trash”

Ever since Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly skipped the premiere of their new movie Midnight in the Switchgrass, there’s been a lot of speculation that they aren’t happy with it / don’t like it / don’t want to promote it. And um…it seems like that might be the case! At least judging from Machine Gun Kelly hopping on Twitter to write ” if i don’t talk or tweet about a movie i’m barely in it’s because it’s [trash emoji].”

I mean…😳. But going back to MGK and Megan skipping the premiere real quick. At the time, Megan’s rep told Variety that “Due to the recent California mask mandate and rise of COVID cases, Megan Fox will no longer be attending the premiere tonight. We appreciate your understanding.”

But the internet was convinced she simply didn’t want to attend the premiere, especially since Lala Kent (whose fiancé Randall Emmett directed the movie) posted a photo of herself entirely covering Megan’s head on a Midnight in the Switchgrass poster set up at the film’s premiere. The post was deleted, but thankfully preserved in all its glory on @unverifiedreport.

Meanwhile, Megan did an interview with USA Today where she was asked about missing the premiere, and said she didn’t feel the need to see her and MGK’s chemistry on screen. “That’s just something we were living in, so much has happened since,” she said. “The question of, ‘Did we have chemistry on screen?’ isn’t necessary, because chemistry has gotten us this far.”

She also shut down the Lala feud rumor, saying “I really like Lala, so I can’t imagine she would be trying to do anything negative like that. She’s a lovely person.” Lala also denied any tension between them, saying “My mother took the picture of a special moment in my fiancé’s life. In no way was it meant to shade anyone. I like Megan; she has been nothing but kind to me. I’m grateful she supported Randall in his directorial debut. I’m very proud of them both.”

Got it! But also, MGK’s tweet….

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