5 most expensive items GTA Online players can buy to flaunt their bank balance

GTA Online is perhaps one of the most popular online counterparts out there right now. The Grand Theft Auto experience comes to life with players emulating “gangsta life” with their friends, going on actual heists, just wreaking havoc.

GTA Online also happens to be one of the most streamed games on Twitch, and for a good reason. With some of the best streamers on the circuit joining in on the fun, it is certainly quite entertaining to watch.

But getting back to the GTA Online experience, players control how much money they can earn in their virtual life as an outlaw. Now, if they have enough, why not flaunt it?

The vast world of GTA Online has some much-coveted and reasonably expensive items that can help players show others that they are “making it rain” here. Here is a list of five of the most expensive and exquisite items to make the players feel like Bruce Wayne (without the mental instability).

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Five most expensive items available in GTA Online

Ruiner 2000

This one has got to be one of the sickest cars in GTA Online. It can fire machine guns and rockets and can also jump up and open a parachute. Priced at $5.475 million in the game, the Ruiner 2000 is straight out of a Bond movie.

The Orion Yacht

The player cannot control GTA Online yachts. As for the Orion Yacht, one of the most luxurious ones, players need to pay the captain $25000 to move it. Priced at $6 million, this one here is the real deal.

P-996 Lazer

Based on the real-life F-16C Fighting Falcon, the ‘Death Jet’ from GTA Online costs $6.5 million in the game.

The Aquarius Yacht

Aquarius is the most expensive superyacht in GTA Online. Equipped with two helipads and a fleet of water vehicles, this one comes in for a jaw-dropping $8 million in the game.

The Luxor Deluxe Jet

Now for the most expensive item in GTA Online, the Luxor Deluxe jet plane. This $10 million ride seats eight players and is based on the real-life Learjet 55.

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