Heracles Benefits from Big Digital Marketing Push

American Tire Distributors Inc. (ATD) is making several important digital marketing investments to direct consumers to dealers selling Hercules branded products.

Josh Simpson, Senior Vice President of Proprietary Brands at ATD, recently told MTD:

The brand’s latest sponsorship is MotorTrendTV, which Simpson said “brings Hercules tires to the hundreds of thousands of screens seen by consumers, truck enthusiasts and automotive industry professionals.” So we are really excited about it. “

The MotorTrend TV deal began in early June.

“The second new initiative we have is ConnectedTV. We do some advertising, and the cool thing about it is with the viewers to put our image and message out there. Not only can you make connections with, but you can also track what consumers do after seeing a Hercules tire ad.

“More and more customers are visiting our website dealer locators, where they can learn about specific Hercules dealers and where to buy their products and track traffic to their stores. The tracking mechanism is new this year. is.

“We will continue to keep this as part of our portfolio as we launch new products later this year,” Simpson said.

ATD also supplies Hercules tires for two television shows, Truck U and Two Guys Garage.

“We are scrutinizing tires for these shows, vehicle manufacturing, and tire technology tips (which we offer). The organizers have a message that Heracles offers choice, value and strength. Discuss the features and benefits of communicating. “

And sports marketing will continue to play a role in Heracles marketing activities. The Heracles brand recently partnered with the Winnipeg Jets franchise of the National Hockey League.

“I think this is the biggest thing we’ve done because of our relationship with professional sports teams, and we got really good feedback from Canadian dealers about it. Lots of games aired in the US So it’s really positive.

“Then I talked about multi-year sponsorship with the NCAA. Everything I mentioned was added to different programs at different sporting events.

Investing in products

ATD also continues to make significant investments in Hercules products. Most recently, last week we invested in the brand’s popular Terra Trac AT line. Expanded Include two new tires.

The new Terra Trac AT X-Journey supports the fast-growing CUV segment, while the Terra Trac X-Venture targets SUVs and light trucks.

Tires that ultimately include 57 sizes, covering more than 80% of the all-terrain tire segment, are manufactured in the United States and are currently available for order.

“The TerraTrac AT II is our most popular tire and has been very successful,” Simpson said when the new product was launched. “But we see the opportunity to expand our brand by reassessing consumers’ ever-changing needs based on the vehicles they drive and the lives they guide.”

Terra Trac’s line extension “is aimed at helping dealers generate new sales, especially on light trucks,” Simpson said.

“We were in a position to win sales in the light truck tire category 18 to 24 months ago. Light trucks and SUVs (presence) continue to grow. More people drive SUVs and LTs. We expect growth to continue until 2022.

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