How To Change Apple Card Billing Address On Your iPhone

The Apple Card is a fantastic credit card, so long as the billing address is up-to-date. Here’s how to change it on your iPhone in a flash.

The Apple Card comes equipped with one of the most seamless credit card experiences on the market — right down to the process of changing its billing address. Announced in March 2019 and launched for all U.S. customers the following August, Apple Card remains one of Apple’s most fascinating products. It’s exclusive to the iPhone, integrates seamlessly with the Apple Wallet app, and the physical titanium card is among the most premium ever created.

One of the biggest advantages of Apple Card over its competitors is how it upends certain aspects of the credit card niche. Take its use of Daily Cash, for example. Instead of dolling out cashback or points once a month like almost every other card, Apple Card users get their cashback every single day. Another advantage is the ability to apply for the Apple Card and see the offered credit limit & interest rate before a hard credit pull is initiated. The Apple Card certainly isn’t perfect, but it’s undoubtedly helped shake up the credit card niche in some very interesting ways.

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One such way is giving users easy access to personal information related to their Apple Card. Where some credit cards make it a hassle to change the billing address associated with their cards, Apple makes things as simple as possible. On the iPhone connected to the Apple Card, open the Apple Wallet app. Tap the Apple Card from the list of payment cards, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and tap the current address listed under ‘Billing Address.’ Tap ‘Update Billing Address’ towards the bottom of that screen, enter all of the correct information, and then tap ‘Done’ when finished.

Tips For Updating Apple Card Billing Address

Apple Card

While that’s about all there is to the process, there are a couple of tips users should keep in mind when doing this. For any address entered, Apple says to use two-letter abbreviations for the state. If someone lives in Michigan, that means typing in ‘MI’ rather than the full state name. Apple also says military addresses can be used if need be, meaning active service members shouldn’t have any issue entering their location info.

While the billing address isn’t required for every single Apple Card transaction, it is important to make sure it’s updated in the event someone moves houses/apartments. That address is required on most websites when making online purchases, and it’s also the address Apple uses to ship replacements for the titanium Apple Card. Check the app, keep it up-to-date, and the Apple Card experience will be as smooth as can be.

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