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Make drug prices affordable

I am now elderly. Paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs is unconscionable! Right now our lawmakers are considering a proposal that would allow Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices.

This would help make medications we rely on more affordable for everyone. It’s way past time for my members of Congress to vote to reform outrageous prescription drug prices!

We seniors cannot afford to keep paying higher and higher prices for the medications we need. No one should have to choose between putting food on the table and filling life-saving prescriptions

I’m demanding that my members of Congress vote yes on a bill that lowers drug prices.

Rita Fitzpatrick

Colorado Springs

Important school board choices

I applaud the Gazette Editorial Board’s endorsement of Tom LaValley, Nicole Konz, and Aaron Salt. All three are well qualified and will help continue D20’s “Excellence in Education,” as well as support the training up of students to understand they live in the greatest country in the world.

In fairness to the other candidates, if you’d like to vote for three candidates that are in favor of such things as D20 hiring a DEI (Diversity, equity and inclusion) Director, at an annual average salary of $198K plus benefits, then you can go to the district’s website and view this week’s first “Academy District 20 Board of Education Forum” and scroll up to 53:20 minute mark of the forum where you’ll see that Tiana Clark, Brian Corum, and Jackie Lesh have publicly stated they are in favor of such a hire. (LaValley, Konz, and Salt are against it.)

Please be wise in your voting for school board members, as our students, community, and nation, depend on it.

Bill Fredericks

Colorado Springs

Loss of city bus service

This is from the Mountain Metro website on the page titled “Service Reductions:”

“Weekday Service Reductions:

Driver exposure to COVID-19 and quarantine measures, necessitate the following service adjustments,

Regular Saturday level service will be implemented Monday to Friday with the following exceptions:”

I would like to know how many drivers are in quarantine, and when they will be able to return to work.

I would also like to know when the city expects bus service to be fully restored.

Carl Strow

Colorado Springs

A huge increase in spending

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion kitchen sink benefits bill add up to $4.7 trillion in increased government spending against a total of $11.643 trillion in US taxable Adjusted Gross Income for 2018 (the last year for which I have available numbers). How could anyone in their right mind propose or even consider such a huge increase in spending relative to our total Adjusted Gross Income?

President Joe Biden contends that he will pay for the increased spending by increasing taxes on the wealthy (those earning over $500,000). In 2018 (again the most recent figures available) taxpayers earning over $500,000 had a total taxable Adjusted Gross Income of $2.516 trillion. Even if these wealthy taxpayers paid 100% of their income in taxes they would pay for only about half of the proposed increase in government spending. Senators and representatives come to your senses. Government can’t continue to spend what we don’t have and certainly cannot bankrupt the country to shower benefits on their constituents.

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill alone will be a huge stretch for our nation, but our roads, bridges, and other public utilities are in terrible shape and desperately need major improvements and repairs. My advice to our Republican Congressmen and Congresswomen is make a trade with your Democratic colleges and offer to support the infrastructure bill. This combination of moderate Democrats and Republicans would provide enough votes to override the so called Progressive Democrats attempts to hold the infrastructure bill hostage to the kitchen sink benefits bill.

Jim Bewley


Find alternatives to shortages

I have tried to restrain myself, but I could not let this recent attack of a non-existent socialist agenda in the Opinion pages go unanswered.

First and foremost, if you are complaining about the shortages of your favorite products, think about the location of that product. Where is it produced? Anything made outside of our glorious shores are going to be slow in getting dispersed. Appliances and furniture are probably sitting on some container ship awaiting approval to dock and get unloaded.

Wasn’t there some tariff rules established a couple of years ago in to Make America Great Again?

In case you have forgotten, major companies were laying off people due to COVID-19 last year and are slowly returning people to their jobs. Of course, if you refuse to get vaccinated, don’t blame socialism because your employer doesn’t want to foot your hospital bill.

As for cat food, my cat’s favorite wet cat food just showed up on the shelves after been absent for 4 months. I trained him to eat the real thing and have now created a little monster.

Instead of complaining about the shortages, how about finding an alternative to make your life happier.

Tina Routhier

Colorado Springs

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