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For many decades, the cannabis industry has been a significant economic driver in Humboldt County. As cannabis emerges as a statewide industry, the county is looking at ways to maintain a competitive advantage to preserve and strengthen the regional brand. To achieve this goal, the county is issuing a new Request For Proposals (RFP), seeking a qualified local entity to work with staff on developing a marketing strategy for a distinct national and industry “branding initiative” for Humboldt County-grown cannabis along with local cannabis-related products and services.

The selected applicant will serve as the county’s lead contracted agency for cannabis marketing initiatives and will provide a broad range of professional marketing services, including promoting Humboldt County cannabis as a unique, high-quality product. The applicant will utilize and employ specific recommendations and findings of the Humboldt County Marketing Assessment. This marketing RFP and the services that will be provided are one of three programs of the county’s Project Trellis, a broad-reaching initiative aimed at supporting the local cannabis industry.

For eligibility and format requirements, please review the Collective Cannabis Branding, Marketing, and Promoting Strategy RFP.

How to apply:
Refer to RFP for full application instructions. Electronic submissions must be sent to [email protected] and received no later than 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 22, 2021.

Proposals may be subject to public disclosure pursuant to the California Public Records Act.

About Project Trellis:
Project Trellis is a three-tiered program that was developed to support cannabis businesses and individuals involved in Humboldt County’s cannabis industry. The program’s three levels of support include a Cannabis Business Micro-grant program, a Local Equity Program and a Humboldt County Cannabis Branding, Marketing and Promotion Program. The Micro-grant program provides cannabis businesses an opportunity to apply for funding to cover business related expenditures. The Local Equity program provides resources to local communities and individuals who have been impacted by the War on Drugs. The Marketing and Promotion component is designed to promote and maintain Humboldt grown cannabis as a national and industry brand.

For more information, visit the Project Trellis Marketing Program or call Peggy Murphy, Economic Development Specialist, at 707-599-0125.



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