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LISBON–Board of Education members discussed establishing rules regarding a district credit card Wednesday.

Superintendent Joseph Siefke explained the district is attempting to ease district purchases by obtaining a credit card.

“It allows you the flexibility to get things a little bit quicker and a little bit cheaper by being able to use it in different locations,” he said.

Treasurer Vickie Browning-Prowitt advised the board Ohio Revised Code requires a policy and guidelines be put into place along with appointing a compliance officer.

Board Member Eugene Gallo requested Browning-Prowitt research other district credit card policies. However, it is believed that policies established through Northeast Ohio Learning Associates will protect the district.

Browning-Prowitt also discussed requisition software regarding school purchase records. Previously records were kept electronically. But in an attempt to wait for a more efficient and less costly software the district began keeping records via paper again, according to Siefke.

Browning-Prowitt explained there have been coding issues with Strategic Solutions software. The s10-1oftware by the name of RAM was discussed at a cost of $1,000. Discussions involving requisition tracking software will continue.

In other matters, the board approved Madison Crawford for the position of English Second Language Tutor to help two students at the high school.

David Anderson Principal Keith Edenfield said the students are smiling every day and teachers enjoy having them in class. Edenfield is looking forward to helping the students through language barriers and to feel comfortable in the school culture.

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